Bookmark Dump: Career advice for a prospective PhD

I just wanted to empty out my super-massive bookmarks tab by posting some of these book marks here.

These are the career advice posts that I used to obsess over when I was an undergrad.

Colleges and Universities: What is some general advice for a new PhD student? – If you only have a minute and have never received PhD advice before, I suggest starting here.

AMS: Advice for New PhDs – This site holds advice articles written by math people on a broad variety of topics. If you’ve got questions, somebody has probably written about it here.

What kind of math nerd job should you have? – The author Cathy O’Neil is an avid blogger with a wealth of life experience. She did a PhD at Harvard, was a researcher at a prestigious university, then in her later years, left academia to work at one of the major hedge funds in Finance. She knows.

Life After the PhD – This advice is admittedly a bit dated. It’s from a small 2012 survey of mathematicians who went into industry. What I liked about their survey was that they gave a breakdown of the skills that an industry mathematician may need, according to the people they surveyed.

I have some more recent notes on phone interviews I did with some PhDs who graduated UT and went into industry. I’ll try to type and post these notes later.



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