Bookmark Dump: Resources I used when studying for UT-Austin’s analysis prelim

I took my prelim analysis about 3 years ago and I remember wanting to write down all of my solutions so that I could share it later for anyone else who is studying for prelims in the future, but ultimately I didn’t do any of that 😛

During my studies I decided that part of the prelims is to
1. Teach you how to be resourceful i. e. How to use Math Stack Exchange, search Math Overflow, or maybe look for analysis practice exams on other University websites

2. I think it’s important to get comfortable with the feeling of being stuck on a problem for a few days – because this is what it’s like in the real research world.

And so I didn’t write down any of my Solutions ( partially I was kinda lazy too – please don’t judge me! haha ). However, I did want to leave some links to a few of the resources that I used whenever I was.



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