Yoooo! I Found a Video of Me Giving Grad School Application Advice!

(And in my narcissism I will share it here – haha 🙂 )

Here’s a quick rundown of what I said:

  • Grad schools care about the letters of Rec, the math subject test score, and the GPA in that order of importance (however you need to do well in a class in order to get a strong letter of recommendation)
  • Study for the math subject test. If you can afford it, sign up for it twice.
  • The GRE General test is really unimportant. I don’t think most people care about your score on it. I didn’t even do half the essay portion and no one cared.

This is video is courtesy of the UT-Austin. Just a quick disclaimer, I remember giving advice on the GRE tests, but this was back in 2015 or so and a lot of this advice may not be current.


Also, I remember taking far more than my fair share of time to speak . I have a tendency to be brash to a fault, so I’d like to emphasize that everyone else’s advice was also very spot-on and for someone considering applying for grad school I would suggest listening to the other people just as much if not more so than my advice.



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