I’ve been on a Philosophy Bender as of late

I recently came across these short videos by Crash Course on Youtube discussing some basic philosophy and I’m in love with it!

My evenings the past week have consisted of me playing one or two of these videos in the background while I furiously play tetris hah.

My favorite episodes have been

  • #16 on Existentialism
  • #35 Kant and the Categorical Imperitive
  • #37 Contractarianism
  • #38 Aristotle and Virtue Theory
  • #39 Moral Luck
  • and #46 What is a Good Life?

I discovered that without knowing it, I’ve been living my life according to a lot of the ideas of some of these old philosophers and hearing these ideas has given me a concrete basis to explain some of my views on the world! For example if you believe that we as individuals assign our own meanings to life then perhaps you aren’t weird, maybe you’re just an existentialist 🙂



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