Maybe I should blog about money and life goals?

I have a life goal and it’s that, if I am able, I want to make earning money a high priority for my life.

I’ve had to explain this a couple of times before so I thought I would write a brief blurb on here.

My family often asks me “Why?” because we are all familiar with that cliche “Money can’t buy you happiness”. However I would like to say that this cliche is exactly that – an overused statement that misses many of the important nuances that goes with financial stability.

So I would like to just put it out there that, if I tell you that I believe it’s important to hold a strong income in life it’s because I believe financial stability is something that can be leveraged to make a significant positive impacts on the lives of people in your community. As a simple example, I’ve seen neighbors help each other out through difficulties by providing large loans to one and other. Or a dying person’s medical expenses completely paid for by a generous family member, and the examples go on.

Ultimately, money isn’t what’s important. Being happy is. But having financial stability so that you can manage the day to day expenses and have enough left over to help others too? That can help take burden off your conscience and help you find your happy. Hence to me, money is just a means to an end not a pursuit for it’s own sake.

But like LeVar Burton on “Reading Rainbow”, you don’t have to take my word for it, here’s some posts by CNBC’s Make It on the topic of money and happiness.

(Note to self: I really need to write a better post on this later, but that’s work for future Andy haha)


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