My Favorite Podcasts that I’m listening to now

I’m a podcast junkie! A man who converted from reading to listening. A member of the pod squad. I’ve got a list of my favorite podcasts that I love to follow.

My Go-To podcasts (a.k.a. the ones I love so much that I keep them in the bookmarks bar) in order are:

  1. The Indicator  – a 5-10 minute quick take on economic news, updated daily. A subsidiary of Planet Money (please see below)
  2. Hidden Brain – a discussion of the neuroscience, psychology, and sociology factors behind human emotions and behaviors
  3. Planet Money – NPR’s Flagship podcast on all things economic

Coincidentally all these podcasts also happen to be run by NPR.

My second tier podcasts (I’ll go to these once every other week to check on what’s new) in order:

  1. Invisibilia – a podcast discussing human behavior and the human condition by sharing personal stories and anecdotal evidence
  2. Masters of Scale – A cofounder of LinkedIn started a podcast to discuss entrepreneurship with some of the top leaders from Tech
  3. How I Built This – NPR’s version of an entrepreneurship podcast but with a greater variety of industries, not limited to Tech
  4. Success! How I did it – Business Insider’s podcast for interviewing entrepreneurs (kinda like #2 and #3 but whatever haha)

Honorable Mention (I listened to them once before and liked them):

  1. This American Life – The first podcast that got me hooked to radio on the internet. I highly recommend checking out their “Recommended” curated lists
  2. WBUR’s Modern Love – Sometimes you have a rough week and all you want to do is have your faith in humanity restored. This is the podcast for you. Personal stories and fictional essays of love in all its forms read to you by celebrity actors and actresses.
  3. Where Should We Begin – Couples counselor, Esther Perel, presents couples counseling sessions. Be warned Esther does not shy away from discussing the importance of sex and intimacy here, but more importantly she focuses on explaining how to understand and handle the feelings and conflicts that can occur in relationships.
  4. The Indoor Kids – Comedian Kumail Nanjiani (of Silicon Valley and various other movies and television shows) and Emily V. Gordon (co-writer of the Big Sick) sit down and talk about comic books and video games with their celebrity comedian friends.
  5. HBR Ideacast – The Harvard Business Review Podcast. A little bit of Hidden Brain’s Social psychology, a little bit of Master’s of Scale’s advice on managing companies. It’s the sampler platter for the working career man (and career woman).

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