Algorithm Design (CS 577)

Assignments (problems were a combination of programming, original problems by Shuchi Chawla, and problems from the book Kleinberg and Tardos):

Shuchi Chawla’s CS 577 Course page


I worked on problems with a classmate and I think she has the files to the solutions not listed here.

  1. CS 577 hmwk. 1
  2. CS 577 hmwk. 3
  3. CS 577 hmwk. 6
  4. CS 577 hmwk. 7

Programming Assignment Write-ups:

  1. CS577 P1 write up
  2. CS577 P2 write up

Update: Aug 12/17 I decided to take down the assignments that I had worked on with a partner, mainly because I realize that I didn’t ask her permission to share these assignments. I’m quite proud of our work, but I think this is the right thing to do.


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