Analysis I (521)

Assignments (problems are from Rudin):

  1. 521HW1
  2. 521HW2
  3. 521HW3
  4. 521HW4
  5. 521HW5
  6. 521HW6
  7. 521HW7
  8. 521HW8
  9. 521HW9
  10. 521HW10
  11. 521HW11
  12. Take Home Final

My solutions:

  1. Andrew hmwk 1
  2. Andrew hmwk 2
  3. Andrew hmwk 3
  4. Andrew hmwk 4
  5. Andrew hmwk 5
  6. Andrew hmwk 6
  7. Andrew hmwk 7
  8. Andrew hmwk 8
  9. Andrew hmwk 9
  10. Andrew hmwk 10
  11. Andrew hmwk 11
  12. 521 Final

Remark: I’d also like to mention that UW-Madison’s math library has a solutions manual to Rudin’s book. There is a physical copy and also a digital copy of this solutions manual:

Honors assignment:

For honors we had a semester long problem solving contest for challenging Analysis problems. Our professor called these “Gauss problems” for fun.

Gauss Problem List: GaussProblems

My solutions: Solved Gauss Problem

Additional Files:

  • One additional Gauss Problem I was working on but didn’t finish:  Unsolved Gauss Problem
  • A link to the original course page:  (insert link later)
  • A link to the Gauss Leader Board : (insert link later)
    • (I was Arrrgh!Math! The 4 people after me were my friends)

A special thanks to Patrick Lavictoire, my analysis professor, who kindly provided me the course files for this page, and who was one of the people who offered me an unbelievable amount of mentoring in my first “real” math course.


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