Contest Programming and ICPC things (CS 578)

Back in college I used to participate a little with the contest programming team at my school. I had a great experience learning about smart algorithm (admittedly I wasn’t great at this stuff but I did have a lot of fun with it!)

I wanted to leave links to some of the resources that I used to look at when learning about algorithms.

The Wisconsin ICPC training page

Additional Resources (for doing UVa Online Judge Problems):

  • UVa toolkit – One guy’s database of his solved problems. It’s a great resource to test sample input and output on his accepted solutions so that you can see what output you should expect given your input. There are some helpful resources under his “Links” tab
  • uHunt – A helpful site set up by a guy for organizing the UVa problems by category and difficulty. It’s a good place to find specific types of problems that you want to practice.
  • Algorithmist – A wiki site for UVa problems. Under the UVa tab on the side there is a database of UVa problems and pseudo-code solutions. I used to go here for help when I got stuck on things.

A few old problems that I did in java: (Oops! It seems that I can’t upload plain text files or zip files)