University of Utah (Summer 2014)

In Summer 2014 I took a course at the University of Utah on Train Tracks, Diffeomorphisms of Surfaces and Automorphisms of Free Groups. Here is a link

Roughly speaking we discussed Thurston’s classification of Automorphisms theorem from a geometric group theory view.

Here are some rough draft notes that the students and I wrote (they are unfinished and unedited):

Here are some exercises that we were given. Also here are some comments I have on the exercises.

Remark: I feel a bit bad that I’m not able to explain this subject in the detail that it deserves so I did a quick search and linked to a couple other blogs that may do a better job of explaining this topic

    • I like reading other posts by this person. She did a PhD at Princeton and then left academia to pursue a different dream of being an artist. She does a great job of self-reflecting and thinking critically about her future. It’s just fun to read her journey.
    • As a side note, I’m a huge fan of their sexual harassment in academia post. I wish this was a topic more people talked about.